Sand casting

Sand casting is a relative inexpensive casting process that can be used to produce middle to big casting parts.

In fact the process is as follows: First a three-dimensional upper part of a cast model will be produced, that needs to be put into a box which will be filled with casting sand. The second step is to harden the sand to get a sand form. These two steps needs to be done for the lower part as well.

The third step is to make the pouring hole in the sand print. By putting the moulds of the two halves on to each other, is the sand cast mould finished for pouring the liquid metal. When the casting is solidified, can the sand around it get removed.

The advantages of sand casting are:

  • Suitable from small up to large series
  • Weight from 1 kg up to 50 tonne
  • Wall thinkness upwards of 3.5 mm
  • A rough surface quality
  • Suitable for simple cast forms
  • Needs finishing

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